Directed by Brad Turner 

The owner of De Palma Vineyards (Houde)

is questioned about a murder

by Shawn (James Roday)

and Juliet (Maggie Lawson).

But of course, not all is as it seems…

The American Trap

Directed by Charles Binamé

DEA Agent Thompson (Houde)

tries to rein in a subordinate (Joe Cobden) who’s getting a little too “curious”

about the Mafia’s involvement

in the Kennedy Assassination.

Exes & Ohs

Directed by Mina Shum

A caring father (Houde)

tries to mend his relationship

with his lesbian daughter (Marnie Alton).

Legacy of Fear

Directed by Don Terry

Police Chief Ray Blum (Houde)

confronts a Homicide Detective (Teri Polo) who’s judgement is in question

as she pursues the serial killer

who murdered her mother 30 years ago.

Manners of Dying

Directed by Jeremy Peter Allen

Prison Director Harry Parlington (Houde) “clarifies” the procedure involved

in the Court Ordered Execution

to condemned prisoner

Kevin Barlow (Roy Dupuis).

But Barlow has a disturbing Final Request...

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Dead End

Directed by Richard Ciupka

Sheriff Mitchum (Houde) is “The Law”

in a small town in rural Arkansas.

Redneck and corrupt, he interrogates a French-Canadian Police Officer (Luc Picard) who has come snooping around

looking for his brother’s killers.  

The Adventures of Smoke Bellew

Directed by Marc Simenon

Sprague (Houde) is a dangerous outlaw

who will stop at nothing to get what he wants. Here he confronts his reluctant partner

(Lorne Brass) and sets him straight.

4 part mini-series based on

"Smoke Bellew" by Jack London.

Iron Road

Directed by David Wu

The Chief Financier (Houde)

for the Pacific Railway

visits the construction site and warns

its ambitious Railroad Tycoon (Sam Neill)  that such an audacious dream could ruin him.

Rookie Blue

Directed by Charles Binamé

Anton Hill (Houde)

is a notorious Drug Kingpin

who’s been the focus of an

8-month Task Force Investigation

conducted by Detective Swarek (Ben Bass).  Detective Swarek makes Anton

an Offer he can’t refuse!

The Kennedys

Directed by Jon Cassar

Chicago Mafia Boss ‘Sam Giancana’ (Houde) gets a visit from Joe Kennedy (Tom Wilkinson)

asking for his support

for JFK’s Presidential Run.

Joe Sr. gets a cool reception

and a whole lot of unexpected trouble.

No Surrender

Directed by Tristan Dubois

Detective Hank Wilson (Houde)

plays Good Cop / Bad Cop with

Mena Suvari and Joseph Mesiano.

(Over 8.5 Million Hits on YouTube!)

Mortal Kombat: Legacy Episode #9

Directed by Kevin Tancharoen

The Mastermind (Houde) behind the Innovations & Procedures used

in the cybernetic transformation

of Cyrax and Sektor

into Ultimate Fighting Machines.

But even he has to watch his back!


Directed by Jonathan Levine

Alzheimer's prevents this father (Houde)

from fully understanding the seriousness

of his son’s struggle with cancer, but

Love finds a way of cutting through the fog. Playing Joseph Gordon-Levitt‘s father and Anjelica Huston's husband.

Messages Deleted

Directed by Rob Cowan

Detective Breedlove (Houde) and

Detective Lavery (Deborah Kara Unger) investigate a series of murders surrounding

a screenwriter who is forced to live out

the plot of a screenplay idea he stole

from a student, who now seeks revenge.

Hell On Wheels

Directed by David Straiton, Deran Sarafian,

Neil LaBute and David Von Ancken

Congressman Oakes Ames (Houde)

presides over a Competency Hearing

trumped-up by Durant  (Colm Meaney)

to determine Bohannan’s (Anson Mount)

fate as Chief Engineer of the Union Pacific.

Houde received a 2014 Leo Award Nomination for

Best Guest Performance by a Male in a Dramatic Series 


Directed by Adrienne Mitchell

David Thorpe (Houde) is an elusive Drug Kingpin who suspects John Moreland (Vincent Walsh)

of being an Undercover Cop. Thorpe's troubled nephew (Elias Toufexis) sets up the meeting

and when things turn sour, Thorpe's henchman

(Andrew Butcher) provides the muscle.

The Killing

"The Good Soldier" S4-E3

Directed by Ed Bianchi

Principal Lee Duvergne (Houde)

gets interrogated by Linden and Holder

(Mireille Enos and Joel Kinnaman).

Don’t let the smiles fool you!


Real Myths and Unreal Creatures

Directed by Marc Fafard

Dr. Vulnet Grazinar (Houde) is an Authority on Dragons, but the mysterious Dr. Alistair Conis

(Max von Sydow) has cast a spell on him

and taken away his memory to protect himself from the prying questions of Skye Ingram 

(Laurence Leboeuf). But why?

The Perfect Score

Directed by Brian Robbins 

Principal Dooling (Houde)

tries to explain to Kyle (Chris Evans)

that perhaps Cornell University

is beyond his academic credentials.


“Borders” S2-E3

Directed by Louis Choquette

Officers Ben Chartier (Jared Keeso) and

Nick Barron (Adrian Holmes) respond to

a disturbance in a city park and question a Homeless Man named ‘Leon’ (Houde) who’s

erratic behaviour and obscene outbursts

place the Officers in a very awkward position.

Leon suffers from ‘Tourette’s Syndrome’.


"The Exterminator" S1-E3

Directed by Michael Fields

Harry the “High Priced Lawyer” (Houde)

tries to deflects question when his wealthy

client Don Watts (Devon Gummersall)

gets interrogated by Liv and Babineaux

(Rose McIver and Malcolm Goodwin).

“Yeah! Shut up Harry!”

When Calls The Heart

"Trials of the Heart"

Season Two 2-Hour Opening Special

Directed by Neill Fearnley

Controversial and Questionable

Judge Roy Parker (Houde)

arrives in Coal Valley to preside over

the ‘Mine Explosion Trial’ which pits

the Miners’ Widows against the Mining Company.


Directed by Barry Sonnenfeld

Board Member Norman Stein (Houde) wants to sell off FireBrand Owner Tom Brand’s (Kevin Spacey) cherished real estate accomplishment. But when

Tom mysteriously gets turned into a cat,

his son David Brand (Robbie Amell)

is left to fend off the Corporate Challenge.

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