Serge Houde as the Chicago Mafia Boss ‘Sam Giancana’

in Jon Cassar’s mini-series THE KENNEDYS

Setting up the meeting between Giancana and Joe Kennedy

Sam Giancana gets a visit from Joe Kennedy (Tom Wilkinson)

asking for his “support” with JFK’s Presidential Run

Setting up Giancana’s phone call to Frank Sinatra

Giancana to Sinatra: “We’re gonna have a big problem!”

Giancana: none too pleased after his phone call with Sinatra

Giancana reluctantly testifying before Robert Kennedy at a hearing on Organized Crime

The real Giancana at the 1959 Rackets Committee Hearing: Taking the “5th”

Audition test photos: Serge Houde vs the real Giancana in B &W

(Good thing I kept my AVATAR 3D glasses!)

“I thought only little girls giggled, Mr. Giancana.” Robert Kennedy (Barry Pepper)

Giancana watching Robert Kennedy announcing the FBI’s ‘Organized Crime Division’

©  2011 Zak Cassar

…a terrific Sam Giancana

(Serge Houde, and where has this formidable actor been all of Martin Scorsese's life?).

GQ Magazine’s Tom Carson

Serge’s Red Carpet Interview in LA: “Badabing Badaboom!” + Mini-Teaser

A seething Giancana reacts to Robert Kennedy’s ‘little girl’ taunt

Houde brings badda-bing, badda-boom swagger to his role as crime boss Sam Giancana.

The Canadian Press, Bill Brioux

Giancana watching TV with his ‘main squeeze’ Judith Campbell (Megan Vincent)

“He has that steely stare that all those mafia bosses seem to have.

He could scare you without a gun. He was wonderful.

He is in pivotal scenes that tell the story of the Mafia connection to the White House.

And Serge was wonderful in portraying that scary persona.

Of course, in real life he’s an absolute sweetheart, but I find that’s often the case.

Usually the worst, meanest guys on film are the nicest on the set.”

Globe and Mail’s Gayle Macdonald in interview with Director Jon Cassar



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Serge’s Interview on URBAN RUSH (click on the photo to see it)

Serge Houde (Sam Giancana) and Kristin Booth (Ethel Kennedy)

at The ReelzChannel World premiere of 'The Kennedys'.

Director Jon Cassar and Actor Serge Houde (Sam Giancana)

arrive at The ReelzChannel World premiere of 'The Kennedys'

at AMPAS Samuel Goldwyn Theater in Beverly Hills, California. “Thanks for the wonderful opportunity,  Jon.”