(Joseph Gordon-Levitt,  Serge Houde and  Anjelica Huston)


“Serge Houde's performance

is one of the few horribly believable portrayals of Alzheimer's I've seen lately.

The look of spaced-out absence and perennial curiosity

he knows not to try to satiate because he'll just forget it

is all too real for me and my experiences with my grandfather.

When Adam tells his father he loves him late in the film,

Houde's uncomprehending face and gentle but neutral one-word response

was so familiar I burst into tears.”

Jake, Not Just Movies


"But the scene that moved me the most is when Adam is heading into surgery 

and he tries to reassure his essentially non-verbal dad (Serge Houde) who has Alzheimer’s.  

So much happens in this scene with so little dialogue."

Review by Maureen, ONE MOVIE, FIVE VIEWS


"Serge Houde, I think, deserves special mention for just nailing his part as well

and displaying so much emotion through mostly no dialogue."

 Zac Oldenburg, Review STL


"Nuanced observations underlie the comedy. 

An emotional moment between Adam and his Alzheimer's-stricken dad (Serge Houde)

is lovingly conveyed."

Claudia Puig, USA TODAY


“Adam finally grows closer to his parents.

In one of Gordon-Levitt’s best scenes,

he bonds with his dad (Serge Houde) who’s suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.”

Secret Agent Gal Movie Reviews .Com

(Serge Houde, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and  Anjelica Huston)


"This has been an Alzheimer’s summer with Friends with Benefits

Rise of the Planet of the Apes and now this. 

Serge Houde plays Richard and definitely does the most subtle

and probably most accurate portrayal of the disease."

Jeff Bayer, The Scorecard Review


“Serge Houde plays Adam’s father who has Alzheimer’s

and some of the best moments I got out of the film

were just watching the little things they had him do to sell the character.”


(Seth Rogen,  Anjelica Huston and Serge Houde)


“Scenes with Adam, his Alzheimer's-stricken father (Serge Houde),

and his worrywart of a mother (Angelica Huston)

offer some sincere, tear-jerky emotional healing...”

R. Kurt Osenlund, SLANT MAGAZINE


“Adam’s dad (portrayed by Serge Houde)

may have had a minimal presence in the film,

he does it so well that it is worth mentioning.”

Kevin Entrekin, The Morning Thunder Buffalo

(Bryce Dallas Howard,  Joseph Gordon-Levitt,  Anjelica Huston and  Serge Houde)

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