Cancellations: GEESTEMUNDE                                           


MiNr P 6 Postal Card sent from Helgoland to Hamburg that was not mailed through the island’s Post Office,

instead it was mailed either in a Mailbox on the Promenade or the Wharf or perhaps even onboard the returning ship itself.

Once the card arrived at the Port City of Geestemunde, the Local Post Office Official

stamped it with the half-circle "nebenstempel" (next to stamp) marking

AUS HELGOLAND (FROM HELGOLAND) to indicate where it came from

and then cancelled the Card with the Single-Circle Geestemunde double star Hand-Stamp.

The card then made its way to the Main Post Office in Hamburg (Post Office 1)

where it was stamped with the Single-Circle Hamburg 1 as an Arrival Marking.

Of special note is the fact it was mailed to an infamous celebrity of sorts in Heligoland Philately:

Julius Goldner the Hamburg Stamp Dealer responsible for all the Helgoland Reprints.

Ex Luis Martin Collection