An extremely rare cancelation on Helgoland stamps which is often illustrated by the image above (Fig 1).

It appears there were two versions of this cancelation and that the stamp illustrated is cancelled with the second version (Fig 2). The obvious differences between the 2 cancelations can be summed up as:

Fig 1: Sold straight line between day & month and curved numbers for hours of the day

Fig 2: Broken line between day & month and hours of the day in a straight line

The only other example I could find of this cancelation used on a Helgoland stamp

was in Lars Peter Svendsen’s Gold Medal Helgoland Collection and was accompanied by this text:

“Only 4 stamps with this postmark registered.”

The question now is, could this be #5?

The Fig 2 image was taken from this item.

A German Reich Postal Stationery Card sent from Neuss on the 6th of November 1873

to Geestemunde with an arrival stamp of the Double Circle Cancelation

GEESTEMUNDE * FREIHAFEN* (Geestemunde Free Port) 7th of November.

Click on the image above to see Lars Peter Svendsen’s Gold Medal Helgoland Collection.

Note that the illustration of the cancelation is Fig 1

but that the stamp itself is cancelled with the cancelation variation Fig 2.

I’ve placed both stamps side by side (and inverted Svendsen’s) to facilitate the comparison.

Note that both share the same day & month (11th of September).

Fig 1

Fig 2

Mi.Nr. 6(?) with Double Circle Cancelation  GEESTEMUNDE * FREIHAFEN*

(Geestemunde Free Port)